Beauty Treatments

Here at Mind & Body Studio, we offer an array of Beauty treatments and we believe that we work with the best brands in the industry. Whether your visit is a regular manicure or waxing appointment (or you’re booked in for some serious pampering), our team want you to have the best experience.

We are so excited to announce that we now offer Thalgo Spa treatments and products. Thalgo Rituals, Massages and more are available to book.

Alongside booking through us direct – you can now book your treatments online via Fresha.

Our Treatments

Our beauty menu offers a whole range of treatments including:

Waxing + Tinting,

Facial + Massage,

Lash Lift + HD Brows,

Manicure + Pedicure with or without:

Vinylux Polish, CND Shellac + Bio Sculpture Gel,

Sienna X Spray Tan (Express, Classic 8% and Clear Tan),

Body Treatments,

and now our brand new luxury Thalgo treatments!

Our Brands

Thalgo Spa treatments and products are available here at the Studio. The treatments include: Rituals, Massage, Scrubs and Luxury Pedicures.


Inspired by the sea, Thalgo is a clean luxury spa brand from France. Thalgo use “marine energy” as their focus throughout creating their treatments and products. They say the sea has always been a source of vital energy for humans, which can regenerate you both physically and mentally. Thalgo infuse this marine energy into beauty products, nutritional supplements and protocols that revitalise body and mind. Their 5 commitments to being a green company include: Clean Ocean, Green Pack, Clean Beauty, Green Factory and Eco Gestures.

“Just like the sea revitalises body and mind, Thalgo has always combined efficacy and well-being.”


Environ is a Skin Care brand built on science, beauty and care. Vitamin A is the cornerstone ingredient in the Environ skin care philosophy. The highly effective Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM helps skin become gradually more comfortable with increasing dosages of vitamin A, thereby reducing the likelihood of a skin reaction.

Combined with other essential nutrients, like antioxidants and peptides, the long-term enhancement of the appearance of the skin becomes clearly visible.

Backed by constant research, new and even more effective products are continually being introduced to the Environ range.

Environ Logo
Bio Sculpture Gel logo

With a collection of over 150 colours as well as new fashion inspired collections twice a year…. the choices are endless.

Bio Sculpture Gel

Bio Sculpture Gel is the original soak-off colour gel nail system which has been leading nail care since 1988. It was the first gel nail system that lasts up to 3 weeks and soaks off easily without damaging the natural nail.

Bio Sculpture base gel was created as “the perfect professional product ” and is tried, tested and proven as the only 5-star safety rated gel. Their APEX Gel is Bio Sculpture Gel’s own “builder in a bottle.”


SHELLAC® brand 14+ day nail colour is a true innovation in chip-free, extended-wear colour!

SHELLAC® Brand goes on like polish, wears like gel, and can be gently removed in minutes with no nail damage. Don’t accept “gel polish” substitutes that claim to be the same. Dry time is reduced to zero, and the mirror-like finish resists chips, nicks, and smudges.

 Strengthen and enhance your nails with 14-days of durable colour. We also offer CND 14-day Vinylux Polish.

HD Brows is the UK’s No.1 in-salon brow treatment. Brows are as unique as fingers prints, from over-plucked to under-groomed, no matter your brow dilemma – we have the solution.

HD Brows

HD Brows is a bespoke eyebrow treatment that is totally tailored to you. It’s so much more than a standard eyebrow tint and wax; our expertly trained therapists combine the unique design formula with custom-blended colour, hair removal and make up application for bespoke brows that suit you. We work with you to create your perfect look, whether your wish to tame bushy brows or regrow overplucked eyebrows.

Sienna X

The most popular spray tan choice in our salon is the 1 Hour Spray Tan. With ingredients such as Green Tea and Aloe Vera, this Vegan tan gives a natural, streak-free finish. It can be left on for 1-4 hours, giving you a light-ultra dark tan. After showering and 8 hours of development time, you will be ready to go with a natural, confidence-boosting holiday glow.

We also offer their Clear Tan solution which is recommended for brides. It’s non-transfer formula sprays on and dries clear, creating no tan stains or mess! Alongside the Clear solution, we have the Sienna X Classic 8% Spray Tan. Both tans are kept on for 6-8 hours and then gently showered off for a light-medium natural looking result.

Here at Mind & Body Studio, we are exclusive to Sienna X with three of their Spray Tans to offer. Sienna X is an award winning company that specialises in tanning. As an already well respected and established business, Sienna X continues to grow year by year and have added skincare, brows and luxury wax to their range, but their main focus still stays the same; Expertise. They are a pro-level beauty brand, and use advanced formulations combined with the highest quality ingredients to provide products that really do work.

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Lash Bomb

We have found that Lash Bomb by Beautiful Brows and Lashes gives our clients the most amazing and long-lasting lash lift result. Lash bomb is an innovative method of giving the illusion the natural lashes are longer and have more volume using formulations and products made in the UK. The brand are commited to being cruelty free, vegan and sustainable – what’s not to love?!

Advanced Nutrition Programme

When you want to look your best, what you take internally can be as important as what you apply topically.

The Advanced Nutrition Programme™ is a premium range of supplements which support healthy skin and helps enhance your overall wellbeing.

When your body is making healthy cells on the inside, you have the foundations to help it look radiant on the outside.

Advanced Nutrition Programme

These specially formulated vitamin supplements combine premium ingredients to maintain skin health and target skin concerns.


What our clients say ..

“My eyebrows are also looking fab! Islay was very friendly and professional and I made sure I booked my next appointment before leaving the Studio today! ”

Lesley Crawford