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This high-energy martial-arts inspired workout is totally non-contact and there are no complex moves to master. Our highly-trained expert instructors will challenge you to up the intensity and motivate you to make the most of every round. You’ll release stress, have a blast and feel like a champ. Increase cardio fitness. Train your full body. Feel empowered.


Early Risers

Set your alarms for this early morning workout. We will use resistance with bodyweight, kettlebells or the Pump kit alongside cardio training techniques. This will improve your endurance and help you build strength. This boot camp-style class allows you to fit a huge variety of movements into your workout. Meaning a full body challenge and none of the boredom that can come with repetitive exercises!

You’ll increase your strength, aerobic fitness and burn lots of calories. This is a total body workout!

Monday, Wednesday + Fridays at 06:30am.

Early risers fitness

This fast-paced class may involve working your way around different exercise stations. Performing each exercise as many times as you can in a set amount of time. These exercises can include push-ups, squats, sprints, and sit-ups.

Included in your programme are FitSteps FAB routines which are an extension of the original programme.



FitSteps is an energetic, upbeat dance fitness class featuring all your favourite Strictly dances. It is designed to give real, measurable fitness results. This class is suitable for all ages and abilities, and you don’t need a partner. To name just a few, you will move from a Cha Cha to a Waltz, the Paso Doble to Jazz and Bossa Nova styled dances! Dance not only aids your fitness levels and mental well being it is also an exercise programme that heavily works your cognitive processes and creates new neural pathways in the brain! Best of all, you will have so much fun you won’t even realise you are getting fit!


80s Aerobics

Step into the 80s with this aerobic style workout – leg warmers are optional! Join Nikii every Thursday morning for her ultimate throwback class, inspired by some of the best 80s tracks.  This class is suitable for all levels, just make sure to bring some water and to wear comfortable clothing.